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Don't Give Up on Your Goals!

  • Do you feel like all of your hard work isn't helping you become a better athlete?
  • Are you frustrated with the amount of time and money invested in training?
  • Have you lost the desire to train because it’s not effective or fun?

We Understand the Challenges of Becoming a Better Athlete

  • Our software assesses your agility and customizes training programs for you.
  • Quick Board will help you significantly improve your performance in 6-weeks.
  • Train more efficiently and effectively so you can start achieving your goals.

Quick Board is the Trusted Leader

  • The ONLY scientifically proven agility training technology in the World.
  • Trusted by pro teams and pro athletes to optimize and restore agility.
  • Quick Board significantly improved agility and balance in multiple research studies.

Some of our customers

Sports Are Demanding Higher Performance.

Quick Board Helps You Prepare.

0.2 sec

Leonard Fournette can execute a cut.

0.33 sec

Stephen Curry stops and shoots while dribbling at a pace of 10 mph.

0.9 sec

The time it takes a baseball to reach third baseman Mark Reynolds once it leaves the pitcher’s hand.

Case Studies

Derek Milender
Sports Performance Specialist

Cleveland Cavaliers

Max R. Paquette, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomechanics

School of Health Studies

The Abdul Sillah
High Performance Coach and Advisor

High Profile Athletes

Research Studies

by The University of Memphis

Footwear Agility Study

Computerized Agility Training Improves Change-of-Direction and Balance Performance Independently of Footwear in Young Adults. Regardless of footwear, Quick Board significantly improved agility and balance.

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by The University of Memphis

Quick Board Agility Study

A 4-week choice foot speed and choice reaction training program improves agility in previously non-agility trained, but active men and women. Computerized agility training products are frequently suggested to improve agility. These claims often are made without unbiased scientific support.

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by University of Louisville

Fatigue Monitoring Study

Quick Board reaction time correlated with markers of fatigue more frequently than vertical jump and peak power output.  Due to the significant overall positive correlation between reaction time and stress levels, Quick Board seemed to be the better tool to monitor fatigue than vertical jump and peak power output.

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HD Sensor Board

$1,895 /board

  • Dimensions
  • 40” x 30” x 1” | 101 x 76 x 2,5
  • Weight
  • 32 lbs | 14,5kg
  • Requires software license

HD Pro Sensor Board

$2,095 /board

  • Dimensions
  • 46” x 36” x 1” | 116 x 91 x 2,5
  • Weight
  • 43 lbs | 19,5kg
  • Requires software license


$145 /tripod

  • Tripod with tablet mount
  • Move the iPad anywhere
  • For any iPad model
  • iPad not included

Software License


$99.99 /month

  • 50 users


$124.99 /month

  • 100 users


$149.99 /month

  • 200 users

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