A visual motor technology that helps patients and therapists

Improve Efficiency ● Increase Productivity ● Enhance Quality of Services

  • Are you unhappy with patient retention and outcomes?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to help patients who are not motivated?
  • Does poor patient engagement create barriers for providing quality care?

Quick Board can help.

We Understand the Challenges You Face in Physical Therapy

We care about helping you and your patients.

Our software is designed to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Take patients through protocols with limited supervision.
  • Engage multiple patients in high level visual motor training.
  • Motivate with goal-oriented treatment interventions.
  • Automatically generate patient reports for upload to EMR.

Trusted by international healthcare providers

Quick Board is fully automated so multi-tasking with other patients is easier. Every patient, regardless of level, has fun on the Quick Board
Jeff, Physical Therapist

Quick Board gives me the ability to engage more than one patient in higher level neuromuscular training with immediate feedback capabilities to monitor and modify progress. It improves my efficiency and quality of services provided.
Tom, Physical Therapist

Some of our customers

Regulations and Payers Have Created Significant Challenges For Physical Therapy

We are innovating to help you navigate these challenging times.

20 %

Patients who drop out after the third visit.

70 %

Patients who fail to complete their course of care.

Case Studies

Max R. Paquette, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomechanics

School of Health Studies

Tom Kirsch
Director of Research and Development

TMI Sports Medicine

Research Studies

by The University of Memphis

Footwear Agility Study

Computerized Agility Training Improves Change-of-Direction and Balance Performance Independently of Footwear in Young Adults. Regardless of footwear, Quick Board significantly improved agility and balance.

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by The University of Memphis

Quick Board Agility Study

A 4-week choice foot speed and choice reaction training program improves agility in previously non-agility trained, but active men and women. Computerized agility training products are frequently suggested to improve agility. These claims often are made without unbiased scientific support.

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by University of Memphis

Older Adult Balance Study

The results from this study suggest that Quick Board improved reaction and foot speed. Balance confidence was greater in Quick Board compared to cycling group at 8-week and 4-week follow-up.

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HD Sensor Board

$1,895 /board

  • Dimensions
  • 40” x 30” x 1” | 101 x 76 x 2,5
  • Weight
  • 32 lbs | 14,5kg
  • Requires software license

HD Pro Sensor Board

$2,095 /board

  • Dimensions
  • 46” x 36” x 1” | 116 x 91 x 2,5
  • Weight
  • 43 lbs | 19,5kg
  • Requires software license


$145 /tripod

  • Tripod with tablet mount
  • Move the iPad anywhere
  • For any iPad model
  • iPad not included

Software License

(HIPAA Compliant)


$99.99 /month

  • 50 users


$124.99 /month

  • 100 users


$149.99 /month

  • 200 users


$199.99 /month

  • 1000 users
  • Admin Dashboard

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