Arkansas Basketball Performance

David Deets is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for The University of Arkansas men’s basketball team. Coach Deets played an integral role in his previous position as The University of Missouri Basketball Director of Basketball Strength and Conditioning. His contribution was directly reflected in the basketball team’s success over the 5 years he held the position. The Quick Board system is a perfect fit for Deet’s hands on approach for all aspects of player development and rehabilitation.
He uses The Quick Board for prehab, testing, training and rehabilitation. During initial player testing, the system highlights discrepancies between dominant leg verses non-dominant leg or identifying possible deficits due to previous injuries. The objective results from these drills assist in planning individualized workouts. 

The Arkansas Razorbacks basketball team plays at one of the highest paces in college basketball. “The Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball” style of play demands the team’s workouts to be conducted with the same intensity. The instant feedback and objective results motivates the players to compete in the weight room as they do on the court. Simultaneously, Coach Deets is collecting data to track the player’s training progress, which assists in designing workouts. “The software gives me the ability to customize drill parameters and carefully plan appropriate in season and off season workouts.”
The ability to collect pre injury objective data also provides additional variables for a more informed return to play decision. When an injury occurs, the system is incorporated in every aspect of the rehabilitation process. Coach Deets adds, “We’ve started using The Quick Board for ACL rehabilitation. It’s a great tool to bridge the gap between physical therapy and returning to full movement workouts before a player returns to the court.”
David Deets was selected for Nike Basketball’s SPARQ committee, which develops new testing measures for basketball. He is one of the most respected basketball performance coaches in the country. Keep an eye out for Arkansas Basketball’s rise in the next few years!

Kansas Basketball’s Secret Weapon for Success

"The Quick Board is a valuable testing and training system which enables me to track my athlete’s progress. Most importantly, the instant feedback motivates the athletes and increases competition during team workouts.”

Andrea Hudy

University of Kansas, Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance

A great article about Hudy’s success as Kansas Basketball’s head strength coach:

Revolutionizing the Rehabilitation Industry

The Quick Board system is a powerful tool used by rehabilitation professionals to provide patients with the latest rehabilitation technology in returning to a maximum level of physical and neurological function.

The information below highlights the system’s capabilities:

  1. Neurological Benefit - Patients perform exercises with their eyes focused on the tablet, not their feet. This elicits a neurological response which replicates everyday life. Currently, most clinics focus on strength and range of motion exercises to rehabilitate patients. Sports teams, that implement the system for testing and training, discovered athletes still had a significant neurological deficit after they returned to training despite strength and range of motion returning to 100% pre injury. The teams now include the system throughout the entire rehab process for restoring pre injury communication to the injured limb.
  2. Instant Feedback - The Quick Board system provides patients with instant feedback during exercises and increases their motivation. Our customers have reported, when a patient sees the objective improvement, it increases confidence in the injured limb, which is one of the most important goals of rehab. This does not reflect the rehabilitation professional’s effort or knowledge base, but the lack of available resources in a clinic.
  3. Objectively Track Patients - The software provides a drill summary report which includes a percentage increase or decrease as well as a line graph displaying their progress. The proprietary software exports results in pre-formatted spreadsheets to easily track a patient’s progress.
  4. Simple and Saves Time - User profiles are created and exercise protocols are allocated to the patient’s profile. Patients can open their profile and perform the drills with limited supervision.
    An exercise playlist is created to scroll through without backtracking in the software to find desired exercises for that day. Drills and categories are fully customizable to implement all of a clinic’s current protocols.
  5. Versatility - The Quick Board software enables a therapist to target neurological, strength, stabilization, balance and range of motion exercises via the three software drill types, i.e. Count, Sequence and React. Exercise difficulty can be dictated by the therapist ranging from low intensity weight shift drills to unilateral reaction hops. Drill duration is programmed by time (00:01 second to 60:00 minutes) or number of touches to complete (1 to 999). The system is fully customizable to target any patient’s rehabilitation goals.
  6. Space Efficiency and Portability - Many clinics are limited by space. The tablet can be mounted on a wall or placed on the tripod mount to maximize portability. When the sensor board is not being used, it can lean against a wall to save floor space.